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Capoeira video: Capoeira For Beginners

Capoeira video: Capoeira For Beginners Starring: Mestre Sergipe
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Review of Leonard Killings from SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO United States

brazilian capoeira for beginner's

This video is an instructional tape for those interested in learning the basic movements of Capoeira. After reviewing Capoeira tapes for five years I was surprized to learn new exercises and movements that were similiar yet different to the ones I have seen. Don't get excited if you think I am refering to more than two new exercises and movements. The video presents itself as a beginner tape yet the tape contains intermediate and advanced moves which is why I rated this tape as a four star tape. I have seen beginning tapes that contain only the basic three movements: i.e.; negativa, role, and ginga. This tape not only demonstrates the basic kicks, but also their practical application, along with two person exercises to practice them. Some of these are advance moves. I did not give a five star to this video because the tape did not include the basic exercises for the acrobatic and gymnastic hand, ground, and air movements that are used in the roda or circle of play. Most beginners want to learn to cartwheel, handstand, front and back flip. This tape does not even offer basic exercises such as backbridges to prepare someone to do a move like a backflip or other similiar moves in Capoeira. At the beginning of the tape there is a graphic of a realistic looking figure moving from ginga, esciva, au, with a mixture of movement that reguires the ability and agility of a person who can do a handstand, front and back flip, an advanced capoeista. Yet in the tape I was extremely disappointed that not even the exercies, the prelude to these movements were demonstrated. Yet, all in all, as I said before, for a tape that is advertised as a beginner's tape it is very impressive without reservation. I just wished it had contained a little more. Any martial artist or modern dancer for that matter can execute kicks. The Capoeista, the one who plays the game of Capoeira learns a cunning trickery that is highlighted by deceptive almost captivatingly cartoon stunts that would make the free flowing chinese martial arts which I have studied for over fifteen years appear as a rigid hard karate styled system.

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Review of artemis_98 from Washington, D.C.

Only if you're DESPERATE for a capoeira video

I can't believe Amazon carries this amateur, poorly produced excuse for a video! It's impossible to describe how bad it is--it's almost funny, actually. So what is really the problem? A hand-held home video, poor, barely audible English, no instruction, no flow, no real guidance. It's basically an "interview" of a capoeira instructor, followed by some moves by him and two capoeiristas, followed by capoeristas jogando. Purchase with low expectations, if you decide to waste your money.

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