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Capoeira video: Advanced Capoeira

Capoeira video: Advanced Capoeira Starring: Mestre Sergipe
Duration: 30 min
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Review of Leonard R. Killings from SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO United States

A Moderate Advanced Capoeira demonstration

I ordered the basic Capoeira tape from the same group listed with this tape from Amazon.com and I listed my review. My first review stated that I would have like to have seen exercises that developed the beginners to perform cartwheels, backflips, frontflips, somersaults, etc.... This tape has many scenes where individuals show their stunts with kicks, and many two persons in the circle footage. It soes nnot show the kicks that the first tape did which is a pity but what can do with thirty minutes is done in this tape. It lack intermediate advanced to advanced advanced techniques. It is a beginners advanced tape and a good one at that. But If you have been working out for over a year or two there is no move in the tape that you can not do if you have given it your all and have set out to do every basic move you have seen in your classes. Is it that Capoeiristas learn their art faster than other maritial artists in terms of advanced demonstrations or is it after a year or two when a good foundation of moves are learned more trickery and close in combat is the focal point versus stunts: t.e., swiftness, agility, etc.... Nothing I say I hope will be taken as if I know anything about capoeira. I am just commenting on what I have seen in this film and the previous film in relationship to other training films. This particular film would be great to introduce the fun and exercise one can achieve from this art, if one advances to the point of the practioners in this film whose ages range from Eight to perhaps thirty. It is fun to watch. I don't think it was intended to show lost secrets, or never before seen movements. As most practioners know mestres are very private and will not show their good stuff to many. And as for most training films if they look to difficult knowone will want to buy it or try it. Secret moves and training to complete stunts would of made this film a four or five star for me.

From Amazon.com

Review of bonitinho from Albuquerque, NM United States

don't waste your time

this tape is almost worthless. the only interesting part is watching the two younger kids in this capoeira group showing off their moves. if these techniques are advanced then most capoeiristas i know would be mestres in less than a year. the tape looks like it took about 2 hours to make. it appeared to me as if the mestre was just having the capoeiristas demonstrate whatever he thought up at that moment. the picture was constantly blurry, and the editing was terrible. if you absolutely have to have this tape buy it here, every where else it is twice the price. either way it is not worth it for less than 1/2 hour of capoeira. you could probably learn more from watching "only the strong."

From Amazon.com

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