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Bruce Lee book: Tao of Jeet Kune Do

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Tao of Jeet Kune Do: download free pages

Opinion of: Steven W Grogan from Troy, NY, USA

All type of knowledge...

...ultimately means self-knowledge, according to Bruce. And if that is so, then a person can learn a lot about themselves by reading Bruce's notes. Here is proof that this man was amazing mentally as well as physically. Not only did he have the spirit of a dragon, he had its wisdom as well. (Please note: in Chinese culture the dragon is not looked upon as a threat, it is considered to be a symbol of strong will and high intellect.) These notes are only the tip of Lee's iceberg. All his years of training led to what was written in this book, and his techniques were still growing and improving right up until his untimely death. It's a shame he went so young, but like his widow Linda has said "he lived for 32 years and died on one day." So do yourself a favor: pick up this book and pay attention to 31 years, 364 days of an amazing, triumphant life.

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Opinion of: Andre Whittick Nasser from Niteroi, RJ Brazil

The bible of martial arts!

I am a thai-boxer and a martial arts enthusiast. I have read a lot of books, seen a bunch of tapes and had a couple of teachers. When one gets to a certain degree of expertise, what makes you be above your opponent is that set of details like defense and attack technique nuances, fainting, relaxation, mind control, phylosophy and a series of other attributes only the greatest master was able to study and give us as a present at the time of his death. Unfortunately, he was not lucky to brush up on his art because of his early departure.

Interesting, this book serves any kind of martial art. Lee studied a lot and his personal library was one of the largest. His knowledge covered each and every form of martial art, as well as phylosophy and physical conditioning. Maybe one of the greatest genius of this century.

And a quote from the book for those who say Bruce Lee was "blind" to other styles:

"He (Lee) did not intend it to be a 'how-to' book or a 'learn kung-fu in 10 lessons'. He intended it as a record of one's man way of thinking and as a guide, not a set of instructions. If you can read it in this light, there is much to be aware of on these pages. And probably you will have many questions, the answers to which you must seek within yourself. When you have finished this book, you will know Bruce Lee better, but hopefully you will also know yourself better. Now open your mind and read, understand and experience, and when you have reached that point, discard the book. The pages are best used for cleaning up a mess -- as you will see." -- Linda Lee (wife and compiler of the book)

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