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told by town shaman and Jew’s harp craftsman from Moscow Valery Yeroshev

Vargan is “Ying” shaman’s instrument

Shamanism as phenomenon had very similar evolution in different cultures all over the world. Shaman’s ideology is practically identical everywhere, no matter that there are great differences between languages or geographical situation. By shaman conceptions there exist three worlds – bottom, upper, medium. Shaman is able to travel across these worlds entering in changed state of mind for finding power or information. They used different techniques, including playing music instruments. Basic instruments are tambourine and Jew’s harp (“vargan” in Russian). Tambourine is “Yang” instrument for collective meditations, but vargan is “Ying” instrument – for entering in changed state of perception for the player and less for the audience.

Nature of energetic effects of vargan

When we play vargan powerful vibrations are generated. Stationary wave is generated in our mouth. One can find the sounds resounding with basic vibration of his body. It is reached by characteristics of instrument and features of playing. Resounding with rhythms of brain lets to enter in changed state of perception. You feel like you slightly go crazy. The world magically transforms and we start to see and feel things we couldn’t observe before. Every man who plays vargan starts to feel this effect very soon. This way vargan lets you enter the upper world for information, the bottom world for power and the medium world for active actions changing reality. Anyone is able to do it, just learn it once and your ability will stay with you all your life long, like the ability to ride a bicycle stays. It is as easy as to breathe and to live. I suppose, everyone needs some energetic competence.

Wonders of vargan

Every time vargan falls into one’s hands it transforms his life. I heard miraculous stories from many people. Vargan is a very simple instrument, but it is used for self-expression, improvisation or interaction with the world. Vargan attracts interesting people, fantastic and beautiful situations, events, circumstances. Once I played vargan at night on a river. My friends heard this sounds, no matter they were six kilometers above the river.

How to play

Anyone is able to learn playing vargan in several minutes. You can acquire your own original manner after 2-3 weeks of regular training. You should pick out an instrument with a sound you like most. Ask seller to try playing different models and choose vibrations you prefer. Press the frame to your teeth leaving a chink between teeth for the instrument's tongue. Draw the tongue off by the finger. Set free the tongue. Sounds arise at the expense of resonance circuit in the mouth, head bones, larynx. The instrument doesn't sound by itself. We can get different timbres by changing the volume of resonance circuit. Subsequent stages of learning let us use all respiratory tract and diaphragm. There is a fine technique of playing when the shaman vibrates by his own lungs. Nobody can instruct – this technique comes by itself. Shaman energetic techniques and practice are based on the following – the bones of cranium are a natural resonator and the sound is able to spread on any trajectory. Jew’s harp playing is like mantra singing. An interesting effect can be attained if mute inner mantra is imposed upon Jew’s harp sounds. The mantra modulates the hard vibrations of vargan somehow.

Become intimate with instrument

Every instrument needs individual enrollment. A player should become energetically intimate with the instrument. My instrument always stays with me. It is in my pocket or it lies near me. This helps to understand the soul of instrument and to interact better. We found out one magic thing which I recommend to all who starts to play Jew’s harp. If you can’t to do something or you can’t find a common language with vargan, I recommend just to carry the instrument in a special case in your pocket or on your neck. Vargan starts to play already a day later as if you have not applied any energies.

Models of vargan

We make 12 basic models of Jew’s harp. There are three categories of models depending on method of making. “Bent” vargans: the frame is prepared by bending a metal wire. These are ”shaman’s” models adjusted with timbre of human voice specially. These models are popular for Tuvinian troat-singing. This singing uses special parts of vocal cords which are never used for everyday talking.
“Forged” instruments. The frame prepared by handmade forging. This technology changes physical properties of metal making it plastic. Instruments obtain powerful three-dimensional timbre as a result. “Forged” instruments are for professional musical playing or some shaman practice.
“Hexahedral” vargans with elements of forging. Instruments have hexahedral frame. Bright, powerful sounds, intermediate between “forged” and “bent”.
There are a lot of ethnic varieties of vargans (Jew’s harps) made by folk craftsmen. I make instruments with Slavic roots. Kazah vargan (it is called khomuz there) sounds entirely differently, because of different roots and technology.


How did you start to play Jew’s harp?
I got interested in parapsychology when I was 14 years old. There were so many strange things in my life which didn’t correspond with “materialistic” ideology of the USSR. I can call those things nothing but “wonders” because they were beyond the probability theory, but they happened so often and were so powerful that I couldn’t leave them without attention. Since then I try to answer the question how it works.
Some time ago me and my friend received a broken ancient instrument for restoration. Nobody knew what it was. But since then our life changed completely. We found information about Jew’s harp in museum of music culture in Moscow. We restored the instrument. Next we felt a great power changing a world around us. We called the Jew’s harp “spirit-hunter”. Next we created special workshop for making vargans where we use unique equipment and technologies of soviet military-industrial establishment.

Can Jew’s harp attract negative energy?
Every force is impersonal, I think. For example, atomic energy. We can make nuclear bomb for destruction or we can make nuclear power plant. Everything depends on the hands which hold the force. All depends on our decision, on our choice. Our choice determines our movement – to evolution or involution, for light or dark, for Good or Evil. I suppose we came to this world for some kind of testing which detects our imperfections, perception and changing. To be better, kinder, purer. To go over another turn of evolutional spiral. Playing Jew’s harp one comes into changed state of perception. Powerful mutual initiation of man and universe becomes. Force and knowledge awake inside the man. But the way how to use it is free choice of every person. We make choice and next we should answer for it.

Can one brake front teeth by playing Jew’s harp?
I had problems with teeth before I started to play Jew’s harp. But some time later I forgot all problems and toothache. I explain it so. Jew’s harp provokes powerful vibrations. It massages gums and improves blood circulation. I’m OK now. Jew’s harp playing never does any harm. Really, first time you play vibrations are very unusual, but you will not notice it a couple of days after.
Is Jew’s harp used in medicine?
No, but it is very popular in shamanism and folk healing practice. How does shaman do it? I play vargan, concentrate vibration and move it along energetic channels of my body like X-ray. I feel places where I have psycho-energetic blocks, because these places have another consistence and the sound of vargan changes. After detecting these places, I concentrate vibrations there with a mute inner mantra and brake the block. You can concentrate sound vibration on any spot of internal or external area. But before you go to heal somebody, you should solve your own problems. When I work like shaman-healer with a patient, I concentrate vibrations on his physical or energetic body or on vortical constructions of his aura.

Do animals react to Jew’s harp sounds?
Animals like these vibrations very much. When you start to play, cats and dogs assemble around and listen, listen, listen… Cats look not only at you, but around you too. They are able to see what goes on in the delicate area around player and changes of the player’s aura.
You told about interaction of Jew’s harp and brain…Can a player go crazy?
Yes, he can. But if you “have flown away too far”, your automatically stop to play and come back. Accident prevention 100%. No effect of adaptation like in using of psychotropic medications and absolute control of your status.


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