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Three Magic Words

by Uell S. Andersen

Buy the book: Uell S. Andersen. Three Magic Words

Release Date: June, 1980

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Uell S. Andersen. Three Magic Words

Nothing is Wasted

At first I was drawn to this book, based upon a recommendation by someone who I most admire. Yet, I had this book for some time before I chose to read it, because I only read a book when I preceive that there is something in the book that fits into what I want to enhance in my life, right now.

This week, I found myself asking for a book comparable to "The Power of the Subconscious Mind," and "Open Your Mind to Prosperity."

Reading books that teach lessons about the Universal Subconscious Mind, which is what "Three Magic Words" is also about, touch my life so deeply. By the time I have finished reading the book, despite my notes in the margins, I am challenged to describe what I've gotten out of the book.

Through reading this book, I have enhanced myself a billion times over, in every page. That I know. B

The power of U.S. Andersen's book, has led me to grow beyond my wildest dreams. And I know that I will reread this book, along with the books, referenced in the back of this book.

So what are the 3 magic words?

Well, that question was always on my mind. And to tell anyone what this author believes are the 3 magic words would not help you - they may even turn you away from reading this book. Because to know those 3 words is to read this book with an open heart, willing to be taught, and knowing that you are safe to explore your mind.

As I read this book, I wrote what I thought might be the 3 magic words.

My guesses were:

1. Faith+hope+love
2. Big+humble+visionary
3. Memory+reason+imagination
4. Thought+conviction = manifestation
5. Know, learn and build
6. Thought+faith+creator
7. Universal Subconscious Mind
8. I am this
9. Nothing is wasted
10. Interest+desire+aspiration
11. Greatest power= thinking

And as it turns out, they are synomous with his message

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A Masterpiece

When I first read this book in 1982 I knew then that I had found what I was looking for. I have owned at least a dozen copies because I have read it so often the book falls apart. This is the type of book you will want to keep with you so when you have a minute you can pick it up and read a section of brillance. I can not say enough about the information contained in this book. And when you find out the Three Magic Words! Wow! Truly remarkable.

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