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by Wade Davis

Buy the book: Wade Davis. The SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW

Release Date: 05 August, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Wade Davis. The SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW

Goes far beyond most scientific journeys

This is a wonderfully different kind of science book. The first half of the book, although quite absorbing, is cliche. Davis travels to Haiti in search of the secret recipe for making a zombi. He runs into strange characters, some moderate danger, and moderate suspense. Although he is successful in this search, he discovers something much more profound in the process, and this is where the book takes an unexpected twist. Davis finds that his western view of the zombi recipe is barely complete without taking into account the Hatian's religion, government, history, and culture. In doing so, he also makes the reader question the reality of everything around them, and may very well change the way that you experience life.

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A serious, scientific look at zombies

Written by an ethnobotanist (a combination of a botanist and an anthropologist), this book focuses on Haiti, the secret societies within Haiti, and of course, the psychological and scientific means of making a zombie. No, Wade Davis doesn't come out and say, to make a zombie, do this, this, and this. Instead, he uses reason and logic to track down the actual processes, both social and psychological, that lead to the Haitian people's tendency to believe in them. As it's written by a scientist, the focus on Haiti's past and culture should be more expected than a flat out 'Indiana Jones goes to the tropics'. For those who've seen the movie: no, he doesn't get zombie poison blown in his face. No, he doesn't get buried alive. No, he doesn't get harassed by a corrupt police chief who cuts off peoples' heads. It's pretty down to earth. For those really interested in Haitian culture and, to some extent, voodoo, this is a perfect book to read. If you want adventure, rent the movie.

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