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The Sorcerers' Crossing

by Taisha Abelar, Carlos Castaneda

Buy the book: Taisha Abelar. The Sorcerers' Crossing

Release Date: November, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Taisha Abelar. The Sorcerers' Crossing

Best pick from Castaneda's crew

First I must say that I consider these books (from Castaneda, Donner-Grau, Abelar etc) fiction. However by that I am not saying that the practices don't work -- they definitely do. For more information on refer to the site sustainedaction.org.

This book gives an different approach from that of Carlos Castaneda. Taisha does no lucid dreaming, but other exercises -- stalking, recapitulation, Tensegrity, kung Fu. The book contains good descriptions of some exercises, including the best description on recapitualation. The reader should be warned that there is one exercise (Small Heavenly Circulation, the one where Taisha is to move energy along the midline of her body from her vagina, over her back, her head and further down to her vagina again), that is potentially dangerous if practiced as casually as presented.

What I liked especially was that Taisha does not disdain practices like kungfu or meditation as strongly as Castaneda. This is a point where Castaneda was definitely lying, considering he practiced kungfu for over 10 years.

The book lacks the aphorisms and anecdotes of Carlos's books. The special type of humor familiar to reader of CC is also present in an inferor way. At the moment, however this is my favorite of all the "Ancient Mexican Shamanism, since 1950" books.

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Leaves you wanting more...

I have read all of Carlos Castaneda's, Florinda Donner-Grau's, and the only book by Taisha Abelar. This was the last book that I read. It was the best by far. Why didn't she write more?!? It not only gives you a different perspective on sorcery, but gives you concrete information on how to begin the sorcery path yourself. Of course this is pertaining to women. Men might find more help from Carlos's books. The best thing about this book was all the details of the recapitulation process. By the way, if you need details on where to do this yourself, refer to "The Teachings of Don Carlos" by Victor Sanchez. Please, take my recommendation on this book!

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