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The Truth About Witchcraft

by Scott Cunningham

Buy the book: Scott Cunningham. The Truth About Witchcraft

Release Date: May, 1998

Edition: Mass Market Paperback


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Buy the book: Scott Cunningham. The Truth About Witchcraft

A lot of information in such a little book

If you ever had questions about Wicca, Magick, etc., this book answers just about all your questions.

Scott Cunningham was a wonderful author and he constantly reminds the reader that this practice is not Satanism, dark & negative magic that most of society thinks of first.

It is a book that one who practices this art can re-read and still get more from it.

He explains the pentagram...NOT for satanic use. It represents the four elements (earth, air, fire & water) plus spirit (yours).

For those who don't understand, they will after reading this little book written with so much understanding.

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Contains useful information.

There is probably no other book in the market that can fully explain the truth about witchcraft as briefly as this book. Scott Cunningham is a wonderful author and Wiccan. In this book he explains why witches aren't 'satanic' and don't gather in covens for ritual 'orgies'. He explains the true nature of folk magic and witchcraft, and is high-detailed when talking about the religion of Wicca. He says that witchcraft is not used for harm, but for the good of one's self and others. I was also impressed how well he explained the Sabbats (the holy days of Wicca). About what happens on these days and why witches celebrate them. You well also find it interesting how he explains the Wiccan holiday Yule, the idea of the rebirth of the God. And how Christians adapted this holiday into their religion to make it Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. See the similiarity of the two holidays? Read this book and find out more, because everyone should have the benefit of knowing the truth about Witchcraft.

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