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681. The Old Girls' Book of Dreams: How to Make Your Wishes Come True Day by Day and Night by Night
by Cal Garrison

682. The Old Girls' Book of Spells: the real meaning of menopause, sex, car keys, and other important stuff about magic
by Cal Garrison

683. The Outer Temple of Witchcraft CD Companion
by Christopher Penczak

684. The Paradoxes of the Highest Science: With Footnotes by a Master of the Wisdom
by Eliphas Levi, R. A. Gilbert

685. The Pathworkings of Aleister Crowley: The Treasure House of Images
by Aleister Crowley, J. F. C. Fuller

686. The Pocket Spell Creator: Magickal References at Your Fingertips
by Kerri Connor

687. The Practice of Witchcraft Today: An Introduction to Beliefs and Rituals
by Robin Skelton

688. The Real Witches Handbook
by Kate West, Chris Down

689. The Real Witches' Coven: The Definitive Guide to Forming Your Own Wiccan Group
by Kate West

690. The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe
by Valerie Irene Jane Flint

691. The Rites of Fire, Earth, Air, Water: The Magic of Elemental Identity
by Elizabeth Pepper

692. The Rites of Odin (Llewellyn's Teutonic Magick Series)
by Ed Fitch

693. The Ritual Magic Workbook: A Practical Course of Self-Initiation
by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, J. H. Brennan

694. The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt: The Spiritual Practice Restored
by Rosemary Clark

695. The Sacred Round: A Witch's Guide to Magical Practice
by Elen Hawke

696. The Salem Witch Trials (Famous Trials Series.)
by Earle, Jr. Rice

697. The Salem Witch Trials Reader
by Frances Hill

698. The Salem Witch Trials: A Primary Source History of the Witchcraft Trials in Salem, Massachusetts
by Jenny Macbain

699. The Salem Witches' Book of Love Spells: Ancient Spells from Modern Witches
by Lilith McClelland, Lilith McLelland

700. The Science of Alchemy: A Treatise on the Science of Soul-Transmutation
by A. S. Raleigh

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