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241. Goddess in My Pocket : Simple Spells, Charms, Potions, and Chants to Get You Everything You Want
by Patricia Telesco

242. Goddess Initiation : A Practical Celtic Program for Soul-Healing, Self-Fulfillment & Wild Wisdom
by Francesca De Grandis

243. Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia: A Complete Guide to Cabalistic Magick (Llewellyn's Sourcebook)
by David Godwin

244. Golden Bough a Study in Magic and Religion 1927
by James George Frazer

245. Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
by Sandra Tabatha Cicero, Chic Cicero

by Marina Medici

247. Good Magic, Spells, Potions and More from History, Literature & Make-Believe (The Here & Now Series)
by Carole Marsh

248. Good Spell Book, The
by Gillian Kemp

249. Gothic Grimoire
by Konstantinos

250. Gran libro de la magia del incenso, hierbas y aceites
by Magnus Brunus

251. Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism and the Book of Secret Hindu, Ceremonial, and Talismanic Magic
by L. W. De Laurence

252. Green Magic: The Sacred Connection to Nature
by Aoumiel, Ann Moura

253. Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard
by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

254. Guia de La Magia Blanca
by Adriana Bolchini

255. Guia de Recetas Magicas, Talismanes y Conjuros
by Carmen Esteve

256. Guided by the Moon: Living in Harmony with the Lunar Cycles
by Johanna Paungger, Thomas Poppe, David Pendlebury

257. Gypsy Magic: A Romany Book of Spells, Charms, and Fortune-Telling
by Patrinella Cooper

258. H.P. Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine
by Virginia Hanson, Virginia Hansen

259. Happiness (Titania's Wishing Spells)
by Titania Hardie

260. Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality
by Scott Cunningham, Jessica Thoreson

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