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181. Early Modern Witches: Witchcraft Cases in Contemporary Writing
by Marion Gibson

182. Earth Magic: A Wisewoman's Guide to Herbal, Astrological and Other Folk Wisdom
by Claire Nahmad

183. Earth Mother Magic: Ancient Spells for Modern Belles
by Judika Illes

184. Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic
by Scott Cunningham, Bill Fugate, Greg Guler

185. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic (Llewellyn's Practical Magick Series)
by Scott Cunningham

186. Egyptian Magic
by E. A. Wallis Budge

187. Egyptian Magic
by Florence Farr

188. Egyptian Secrets: Or White and Black Art for Man and Beast
by Albertus Magnus

189. Eighteenth Century Chemistry As It Relates to Alchemy
by Encyclopedia Brirrania, Encyclopedia Brittania, Encyclopedia Brittania (1771)

190. El Despertar Esoterico: LA Magia En LA Adolescencia
by Maria Shaw, Edgar Rojas

191. El Gran Libro De Los Hechizos
by Guillermo Solana, N. de Pulfor

192. El Gran Libro de los Hechizos: The Book of Spells, Spanish Edition
by Nicola De Pulford

193. El libro de la magia de la bruja moderna
by Montse Osuna

194. El Libro De Las Sombras
by Migene Gonzalez Wippler, Migene Gonzalez-Wippler

195. El Libro de Los Magos
by Anton Adams, Mina Adams, Anton Adams, etc.

196. El libro de magia, hechizos y ceremonias
by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler, Edgar Rojas, Hector Ramirez

197. El Magico Mundo de Las Brujas
by Maximo Morales, Roberto Rosaspini Reynolds

198. El Mundo de Los Magos
by Tom Cross

199. El Poder Del Alef Bet: Tomo I
by Kabbalist Rav Berg, Philip S. Berg

200. El Uso Magico y Ritual de los Afrodisiacos
by Richard Alan Miller

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