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81. Astrological Practice of Physick: Discovering the True Way to Cure All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities Which Are Naturally Incident to the Holy Man, 1671
by Joseph Blagrave

82. Astrologickal Magick
by Estelle Daniels

83. Ayudese Con LA Magia Blanca/Benefits White Magic
by Alg Manning, Al G. Manning

84. Azoth or the Star in the East
by Arthur Edward Waite

85. Babylonian Magic and Sorcery: Being the Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand: The Cuneiform Texts of a Group of Babylonian and Assyrian Incantations and Magical Formulae Edited with
by Leonard W. King

86. Bacstrom's Alchemical Anthology
by J.W Hamilton-Jones

87. Basic Magick: A Practical Guide
by Phillip Cooper

by Phillip Cooper

89. Battling Demons: Witchcraft, Heresy, and Reform in the Late Middle Ages (Magic in History)
by Michael D. Bailey

90. Be A Goddess : A Guide to Magical Celtic Spells for Self-Healing, Prosperity and Great Sex
by Francesca De Grandis

91. Before You Cast a Spell: Understanding the Power of Magic
by Carl McColman

92. Behind the Crystal Ball: Magic, Science, and the Occult from Antiquity Through the New Age
by Anthony Aveni

93. Being-in-Dreaming : An Initiation into the Sorcerers' World
by Florinda Donner

94. Beltane: Springtime Rituals, Lore and Celebration
by Raven Grimassi

95. Between the Living and the Dead: A Perspective on Witches and Seers in the Early Modern Age
by Eva Pocs

96. Bewitching Love Potions & Charms
by Raven Tempest

97. Beyond Duality: The Art of Transcendence
by Laurence Galian

98. Biblical and Pagan Societies (Witchcraft and Magic in Europe)
by Fredrick Cryer, Marie-Louise Thomsen, Bengt Ankarloo, etc.

99. Bibliotheca Chemica
by John Ferguson

100. Bibliotheca Curiosa: A Treatise of Magic Incantations 1700
by Christianus Pazig, Edmund Goldsmid

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