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A Magical Journal: A Personal Journey Through the Seasons

by Von Braschler, Mari Coryell

Buy the book: Von Braschler. A Magical Journal: A Personal Journey Through the Seasons

Release Date: September, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Von Braschler. A Magical Journal: A Personal Journey Through the Seasons

This book will become a treasured keepsake

Anytime I undergo anything new I start a new journal. When I was growing up, the best confidant I had was myself, via my journal. Of course, over the years I have used many things as a journal, from a stapled together stack of paper to a fully locking diary. What I am trying to say is that journals are as special to a person as they make them. A Magical Journal has the potential to be a very special tool for readers.

Let me start at the beginning and I think you will agree. The cover of this book is beautiful, rich blue with a silver moon and stars, and there are also stars along the spine as well. When I held the book in my hands, I could not resist the urge to run my fingers over the rich texture.

Opening the book, you will find seventeen chapters on natural magic. Whereas I would normally call these instructional chapters, I think chapters of guidance, is more suited. These chapters give the readers just enough guidance so that they can form their own personal relationship with the earth and all of her gifts. They also gently guide the reader to their own personal experience with magic and spirituality.

Beyond those chapters the reader will find places to make journal entries. In each month there are several meditation and activities to help you along the way, as well as information regarding moons and special days of the year.

A Magical Journal is a thoughtful introduction into magical journaling, which allows the individual to stay individual in their approach to spirituality and magic. Authors Von Braschler and Mari Coryell have offered a great deal of expertise, and done so in a way that makes this journal perfect for anyone, be it their first spiritual quest or not.

I recommend this guide/journal to anyone who is seeking to find a spiritual path or who is seeking to deepen their spiritual life and connection to nature. The beauty of the book will make it a great gift and a treasured keepsake. Although it will be hard to part with, perhaps they should be sold in pairs.

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