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A Charmed Life

by Patricia Telesco

Buy the book: Patricia Telesco. A Charmed Life

Release Date: 15 September, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patricia Telesco. A Charmed Life

Spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and helpful hints

A Charmed Life: Celebrating Wicca Every Day is a transformational book that includes spells, rituals, prayers, incantations, and helpful hints for creating and maintaining a health, happy, spiritual environment through the daily practice of Wiccan concepts and practices. An ideal introduction to Wiccan beliefs and lifestyle, especially for the urban Witch, Pagan, and Neo-Pagan, A Charmed Life is highly recommended for the novice Wiccan student and practitioner, and will be read with considerable interest by students of metaphysical studies and New Age life styles.

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This unpretentious book offers LOTS of activities and mini-projects to try. The back cover says it's a "Basic '101' Guide", but I found it a step beyond an introduction to Wicca. It assumes you know the basics, then shows you how Trish Telesco has personalized Wicca to fit her needs and interests.

This sets a wonderful example! Everyone should know how to create a meaningful spiritual practice -- something that transforms mere theology into a living, breathing way of life that fits like one's own personality.

First you must know what you need from your spiritual practice. Like a wise older sister, Trish centers the first chapter on activities that repair your self-esteem. The second chapter offers ways to interact with the outside world, including tackling group dynamics in a coven, and coming out of the "broom closet."

She covers home and hearth magic, spells that help in the workplace, herb and earth magic, choosing a divination system, how to acquire ritual tools without getting ripped off, and how to practice Wicca with your family.

That particular chapter stood out as especially interesting. Not many Wiccan writers address these issues even though many who discovered Wicca in the 1970s are now married with children. Trish writes for parents who want to introduce their young children to Wicca without interfering with the child's free will. She gives good advice to Wiccan teens with intolerant parents. She even addresses those who feel self-conscious practicing Wicca while living with unbelieving spouses or housemates.

The book reads like a breeze because of Trish's friendly, clear style. Only later do you realize how much work went into it. It isn't clogged with boring, repetitious theory, and it isn't padded out with endless lists of magical items. Instead, it offers vivid personal anecdotes and lots of fun projects and spells to try. This is a book of substance and great charm!

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