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A Floral Grimoire: Plant Charms, Spells, Recipes, and Rituals

by Patricia J. Telesco

Buy the book: Patricia J. Telesco. A Floral Grimoire: Plant Charms, Spells, Recipes, and Rituals

Release Date: July, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patricia J. Telesco. A Floral Grimoire: Plant Charms, Spells, Recipes, and Rituals

Good stuff, but not enough!

I liked the great ideas and information presented on the flowers, but I did not feel that the list of flowers was comprehensive enough. Several of my favorites are left out. The writing tone is great, of course, her books always read nicely, I just wish it had been more comprehensive.

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An Elegant Addition to any Witch's or Gardener's Bookshelf

Like all of Patricia Telesco's books, this volume includes a mixture of practical advice, historical background, and a healthy dose of fascinating folklore. What separates Telesco's books from most metaphysical volumes, is the charming, elegant old-fashioned home-spun tone which seems to literally waft from the pages -- opening one of her books is like finding an old lace handkerchief in a grandmother's armoire which still carries the faint aroma of dried roses and lavender buds: it's as though the book is speaking to you across years of accumulated experience.

This book, in particular, combines Telesco's love of Victoriana (see also, "A VICTORIAN GRIMOIRE") with her passion for gardening. For the avid gardener, this book provides a wealth of historical and folk corrospondences for various plants, as well as creative ideas for combining and using botanical materials. For the Witch, this book is like a conversation with a village Wise Woman who knows all about using nature's resources for enhancing health, prayers, rituals, and celebrations. Astrological, astronomical, and religious corrospondences are provided as well, along with suggestions on how to best utilize plants as part of the sacred life. A wonderful, elegant, and practical addition to any collection. I just can't praise Patricia Telesco's book enough!

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