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A New Model of the Universe

by P. D. Ouspensky

Buy the book: P. D. Ouspensky. A New Model of the Universe

Release Date: 14 July, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: P. D. Ouspensky. A New Model of the Universe

something to get you out of the grave and worse

Well, when I read childish comments some people post-- I can read and write too. And I wanted to set a counterweight against comments that make A New Model look funny.

Namely, the book does not deserve it. What am I about to say? The book is rather good, you see. That's it.

If you buy it-- I indeed don't say you must-- you will find yourself amply repayed for sacrificing few lousy dollars. When you die, and the balance will be set for you-- FOR YOU-- you will be able to say quietly-- put that book on the positive side...

Of course, the guy is a little tiring with its constant repetition of, you know, "man gets to know that things are otherwise than he imagined. Man begins to see that his mental apparatus and results it gives and is capable of giving are questionable. Man is taught in theses Schools to distrust his narrow opinions which he cherished so far etc. etc.", but you will be refunded for such painstaking advance when you get to the and. I can promise you pearls of simple mathematical insight used in what is generally NOT regarded as mathematical region in a way that convinces you that man was a genius, though mediocre writer (though be careful with this mediocrity so called, it is not as mediocre as it seems - just a style of tactful Muscovite who certainly - contrary perhaps to his contemporaries - was not in need to be flayed alive to come to some feelings). I can't promise you that you will spot it, why, I don't know what kind of person you are. But if you make yourself read it despite noticing anything worth reading there it will count just that much more when you die-- and die you will. I must say that the percent of people who WILL notice what I'm pointing out but are on the other side of the scale, recognizing the pearl but not appreciating it in too enthusiastic manner simply because they have already gone further will be considerably lower... but they don't need such reviews.

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one of the best books I've read

I really liked this book. It was challenging and revealing with regards to aspects of human thought. What particularly struck me with this book, is the complete honesty that the author adopts when pursuing an area of interest to him. What this means is that there aren't many assumptions, and the author has no following judgment from assumption meaning he is open to all possibilities in circumstance. Because assumption isn't presented, it tends to rub off on you, and you learn with the refreshing vigour of a childs mind. The authors inquisitive nature coupled with this rare gift of being humbled in the face of mystery, and also looking at the way we think and perceive, has made him a receptacle for boundless knowledge. What will be taken from any situation will be maximal from these qualities alone, and his knowledge gained is presented here. Sometimes you hear of the "Human Factor" as a problem in certain environments, well there is no "human factor" here, just a presentation of pursued lines of thought as honestly recorded as can be. This is an excellent book, ...despite my ramblings!

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