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A Grimoire of Shadows: Witchcraft, Paganism & Magic

by Ed Fitch

Buy the book: Ed Fitch. A Grimoire of Shadows: Witchcraft, Paganism & Magic

Release Date: August, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ed Fitch. A Grimoire of Shadows: Witchcraft, Paganism & Magic

What was he thinking

The Priestess is, as always, in charge and the Priest is relegated to being little more than an alter boy. The rituals presented are stiff and full of stilted language that, I suppose, is designed to make it sound as if it were old and important. In reading these rites I felt no spark of spontaneity or real emotion. One of the most disturbing ideas contained in the book is the idea that the priestess and priest of a coven are selected for their good looks and winning personalities. Which as a high priestess should be based on exp and fact"The most beautiful and most magnetic young woman shall act as the Priestess, and the most comely, dynamic young man shall act as the Priest." is sexist as heck i brought this book back to store and demanded another look at (page 17) This is certainly not a book worth buying and one of problems in wicca and paganism I wonder why some wiccan go dianic
ED Fitch shame on you!! be balanced and do some more reading
Balance is the key

Blessed Be;

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Good Book but.

This is not a bad book with some nice idea but the fact on page 17 is bs I am offended by the idea that most young and cute is high priestess and priest which make no sense look as nothing to do with magickal skill i think if reader just ingore some sections and esp page 17 I was int in garderian tradtion and that section had nothing to do with it. But rest is correct not best book on the craft nor the worst i just think more effort and trying to keep sexism out of a book is good idea His Magical Rites of the Crystal Well book is must read but i would pass on this one and go for Magical Rites of the Crystal Well

Blessed Be;

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