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by Miep Gies

Buy the book: Miep Gies. ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED

Release Date: 15 April, 1988

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Miep Gies. ANNE FRANK REMEMBERED

Such a strong woman...

Miep Gies should be remembered as one of the greatest women of all time. Out of sheer love, love for people, she helped in hiding the Frank family along with a few others.

The book tells the entire story of Miep Gies, from her first employment by Anne's father until the final liberation of Holland. The story is told honestly and without a feeling of ego or of her deliberately sounding like the brave woman she was. And it's told in such a way, that you feel a kind of suspense as if you didn't know of the tragedy coming.

Miep is unrelenting in her portrayal of the grimness of life during the German occupation of Holland. It was worse of all for the Jewish people, but it was also hard on the Dutch people. Reading this is an education for those of us who have no idea of how it is to live in an occupied country.

However, you feel the hope in the ending. Also, one realizes how truly important a book that Anne Frank's diary was. This is a very moving and a most important book on its own.

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A Keeper!

Everyone that has read the Diary of Anne Frank has a pretty good handle on what life was like hiding in 'het achterhuis', but this book describes those 2 years from a different angle; from that of a protector. This book takes you through the life of Miep Gies from her days in Austria, to when she gained her Dutch citizenship and when she, along with the other office staff, hid the 8 Jews in hiding. This book is a must for anyone that has ever read any of Anne Frank's works.

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