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Amazing Adventures of the Jewish People

by Max I. Dimont, Max I. Dimont

Buy the book: Max I. Dimont. Amazing Adventures of the Jewish People

Release Date: October, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Max I. Dimont. Amazing Adventures of the Jewish People

Good starter book

This was the first book I read about Judaism three years ago and it started me off on my path that is leading to conversion. My best friend is Jewish and I asked her question after question. She finally handed me this book, a gift she had received in high school. I read it on the plane to and from spring break. It was a great and enthusiastic introduction to the world of Judaism. My library now includes over 25 books on Judaism and I have begun to study towards conversion.

While it is obvious the author is writing towards a teenage/young adult crowd it is still a great jumping off point for someone who doesn't know anything about Judaism. Because it is so enthusiastic it helps the reader become enthusiastic about what they are reading.

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History lovers buy this book!

This book is an excellent choice for history buffs or for people trying to learn more about their heritage. This book gives a brief synopsisof jewish history which really helps spark the interest to learn more about ones past. An excellent choice!

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