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A Rabbi Talks With Jesus

by Jacob Neusner, Donald Harman Akenson

Buy the book: Jacob Neusner. A Rabbi Talks With Jesus

Release Date: February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jacob Neusner. A Rabbi Talks With Jesus

The Rabbi and the Myth of the Judeo/Christian ethics

As a theologian (Christian) I have to support Dr. Neusner's critiques, because Jesus in fact, changed the Law and the author proves that. American Christians, or should I say American "Christians" (manly the ones on the right) should read this book and realize that we, Christians, are indeed not under the Law (cf: Galatians, Romans, Hebrews) we are instead under a new covenant, better than the Mosaic one. This prove that Jewish ehtics, based on the Law( or commandments) has nothing to do with Christian Ethics, which is based on Love and forgiveness instead. (cf. "You heard... but I say to you" statements coming from Christ's own mouth). Putting all this into a clearer perspective, I ask: Why do some Christians even take into consideration what comes out of Dr. Laura's mouth ? Just think about that.

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In response to Mr. Keohane

Though I have not read the book in question yet, I was particularly irked by Mr. Keohane's review and felt the need to respond to it. I give the book 5 stars based on other works of the authors which I have read. Steve, are you going to seriously convince me that you have allowed your beliefs to get the upper hand over your common sense? The "prophecies" about the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible were only turned into prophecies by christians. I would suggest reading the Hebrew Bible in context and exclusive of the framework of "New Testament" theology. As any Bible scholar who is true to him/herself knows, the book of Daniel is pseudepigrapha which was written in the Hasmonean era. I refer you to Mr. Akenson's "Surpassing Wonder", where this point is proven in detail. Unless one can prove that any other part of Daniel's eschatology has come true, the entire apocalypse of Daniel comes out as a work of fiction and not prophecy. As for Jesus having "fulfilled" the prophecy of the Messiah riding on a colt, the Matthew story actually turns out to be quite amusing. Any Putz can ride a friggin' donkey, does that actually make one the Messiah? Get back to me when you've figured it out and are done deluding yourself.

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