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741. The Trouble With Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam: Another Message to the Black Man in America
by Elreta Dodds, Glenn R. Plummer

742. The Trouble with Islam : A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith
by Irshad Manji

743. The Two Faces of Islam : The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror
by Stephen Schwartz

744. The Ulama in Contemporary Islam : Custodians of Change
by Muhammad Qasim Zaman

745. The Unifying Theory of Everything : Koran & Nature's Testimony
by Muhammed A Asadi

746. The Unlimited Mercifier: The Spiritual Life and Thought of Ibn Arabi
by Stephen Hirtenstein

747. The Unseen Face of Islam: Sharing the Gospel with Ordinary Muslims at Street Level
by Monarch Publishing

748. The Usage of Traditions of the Prophet in Contemporary Indonesia
by Howard M. Federspiel

749. The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in Islam
by Fatima Mernissi, Mary Jo Lakeland

750. The Veiling Issue, Official Secularism and Popular Islam in Modern Turkey
by Elisabeth Ozdalga, Elisabeth Hozdalga

751. The Vision of Islam (Visions of Reality. Understanding Religions)
by Sachiko Murata, William C. Chittick

752. The Well-Protected Domains: Ideology and the Legitimation of Power in the Ottoman Empire, 1876-1909
by Selim Deringil

753. The Wisdom of Islam: A Practical Guide to the Wisdom of Islamic Belief
by Ph.D. Robert Frager, Robert Frager

754. The Wisdom of Muhammad (Wisdom Library)
by Allama Sir Abdullah, Al-Mamun Al-Suhrawardy, Allama Al-Mamun

755. The Wisdom of the Prophet: The Sayings of Muhammad
by Thomas Cleary

756. The Word of Islam
by John Alden Williams

757. The World of Islam (Religions of Humanity)
by Julien Ries, Chelsea House Publications

758. The World of Islam: Faith, People, Culture
by Bernard Lewis

759. The World of Jinn and Devils
by Umar S. Al-Ashqar, Jamaal A. Zarabozo, Umar Sulayman Ashqar, etc.

760. Toward A New Paradigm: Recent Developments in Indonesian Islamic Thought
by Mark R. Woodward, Mark R. Woodward

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