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521. Ramadan: Holiday Celebrations (Holiday Celebrations (Vero Beach, Fla.).)
by Kieran Walsh

522. Reading Mystical Lyric: The Case of Jalal Al-Din Rumi (Studies in Comparative Religion)
by Fatemeh Keshavarz, Frederick M. Denny

523. Reason, Freedom, and Democracy in Islam: Essential Writings of Abdolkarim Soroush
by Abdolkarim Soroush, Mahmoud Sadri, Ahmad Sadri

524. Reasserting International Islam: A Focus on the Organization of the Islamic Conference and Other Islamic Institutions
by Saad S. Khan, Saad S. Khan

525. Recognizing Islam: Religion and Society in the Modern Middle East
by Michael Gilsenan

526. Rediscovering Fatima
by Robert J. Fox

527. Reflections of an American Muslim
by Shahid Athar, Shahid Sthar

528. Reinterpreting Islamic Historiography : Harun al-Rashid and the Narrative of the Abbasid Caliphate
by Tayeb El-Hibri, David Morgan

529. Religion and Culture in Medieval Islam
by Richard G. Hovannisian, Georges Sabagh

530. Religion and State
by L. Carl Brown

531. Religion on The Rise: Islam in the Third Millennium
by Murad Wilfried Hofmann

532. Religion Vs. Religion
by Ali Shariati, Laleh Bakhtiar

533. Religions of the World Series: Islam
by Jamal J. Elias, Ninian Smart

534. Remembering God : Reflections on Islam
by Charles Le Gai Eaton, Gai Eaton

535. Remembrance of Allah and Praising the Prophet: Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine, Vol. 2
by Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, Shaykh M. Kabbani

536. Reporting Islam: Media Representations of British Muslims
by Elizabeth Poole

537. Representing Muslims: Religion, Ethnicity and the Politics of Identity
by Sean McLoughlin

538. Responses to 101 Questions on Islam
by John Renard

539. Resurrection of the Dead
by Alfred Ali, Alfred Ali

540. Rethinking Islamist Politics: Culture, the State and Islamism
by Salwa Ismail

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