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481. No God but God: A Path to Muslim-Christian Dialogue on God's Nature (Faith Meets Faith)
by A. Christian Van Gorder

482. No God but God: Egypt and the Triumph of Islam
by Geneive Abdo

483. Nonviolence and Peace Building in Islam
by Mohammed Abu-Nimer

484. Nonviolence and Peace Building in Islam: Theory and Practice
by Mohammed Abu-Nimer

485. Nonviolent Soldier of Islam: Badshah Khan, a Man to Match His Mountains
by Eknath Easwaran

486. On Awakening and Remembering: To Know Is to Be
by Mark Perry, Huston Smith

487. On Being a Muslim
by Farid Esack

488. On Faith in Divine Unity and Trust in Divine Providence: Kitab at-tawhid wa tawakkul
by Iman Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali, Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, David Burrell

489. On the Side of My People: A Religious Life of Malcolm X
by Louis A., Jr. DeCaro

490. One Thousand Roads to Mecca: Ten Centuries of Travelers Writing About the Muslim Pilgrimage
by Michael Wolfe

491. Onward Muslim Soldiers: How Jihad Still Threatens America and the West
by Robert Spencer

492. Othello's Children in the "New World": Moorish History and Identity in the African American Experience
by Jose' V. Pimienta-Bey

493. Overcoming Tradition and Modernity: The Search for Islamic Authenticity
by Robert D., Jr. Lee

494. Painting in Islam, a Study of the Place of Pictorial Art in Muslim Culture
by Thomas W. Arnold

495. Passion for Islam: Shaping the Modern Middle East: The Egyptian Experience
by Caryle Murphy

496. Paths of Accommodation: Muslim Societies and French Colonial Authorities in Senegal and Mauritania, 1880-1920 (Western African Studies)
by David Robinson

497. Peaceable Witness Among Muslims
by Gordon D. Nickel, Calvin E. Shenk

498. Pearls of the Faith, 1883
by Edwin Arnold

499. Perfecting Women: Maulana Ashraf 'Ali Thanawi's Bihishti Zewar: A Partial Translation With Commentary
by Barbara Daly Metcalf

500. Perfection Makes Practice: Learning, Emotion, and the Recited Quran in Indonesia
by Anna M. Gade

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