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421. Malay Muslims: The History and Challenge of Resurgent Islam in Southeast Asia
by Robert Day McAmis

422. Malcolm and the Cross: The Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, and Christianity
by Louis A., Jr. Decaro

423. Managing Politics and Islam in Indonesia
by Donald J. Porter

424. Marital Discord (Al-Nushooz)
by Saalih Ghaanim Al-Sadlaan, Jamaal Al-Din M. Zarabozo, Salih Ghanim Sadlan, etc.

425. Married to Muhammed
by W. L. Cati

426. Martyrs: Innocence, Vengeance and Despair in the Middle East
by Joyce M. Davis, Joyce Davis

427. Mary the Blessed Virgin of Islam
by Aliah Schleifer, Gray Henry, T. J. Winter, etc.

428. Mawdudi and the Making of Islamic Revivalism
by Seyyed Vali Reza Nasr

429. Mecca
by F. E. Peters

430. Mecca the Blessed, Medina the Radiant : The Holiest Cities of Islam
by Ali Kazuyoshi Nomachi, Seyyed Hossein Nasr

431. Medicines of the Soul: Female Bodies and Sacred Geographies in a Transnational Islam
by Fedwa Malti-Douglas

432. Medieval Christian Perceptions of Islam
by John Victor Tolan

433. Message to the Blackman in America
by Elijah Muhammad, Elijah

434. Mission to America: Five Islamic Sectarian Communities in North America
by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, Jane Idleman Smith

435. Moderate and Radical Islamic Fundamentalism: The Quest for Modernity, Legitimacy, and the Islamic State
by Ahmad Mawsilili, Ahmad S. Moussalli

436. Modernist and Fundamentalist Debates in Islam: A Reader
by Mansoor Moaddel, Kamran Talattof

437. Modernist Islam, 1840-1940: A Sourcebook
by Charles Kurzman

438. Mohammedanism: An Historical Survey
by Hamilton Alexander Rosskeen, Sir, Gibb

439. Mohammeds Monsters: A Comprehensive Guide to Radical Islam for Western Audiences
by David Bukay

440. Moral Healer's Handbook: The Psychology of Spiritual Chivalry (God's Will Be Done, Vol. 2)
by Laleh Bakhtiar

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