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241. Islam & Business
by Nik Mohamed Affandi Bin Nik Yusoff, Ismail Noor, Nik Mohamed Affandi, etc.

242. Islam & Wealth: The Balanced Approach to Wealth Creation, Accumulation and Distribution
by Nik Mohamed Affandi Bin Nik Yusoff, Ismail Noor, Nik Mohamed Affandi, etc.

243. Islam (Basics, 2)
by Roland MacHatschke, John Bowden

244. Islam (Crash Course Series)
by Walter M. Weiss, Walter M. Weiss

245. Islam (Opposing Viewpoints Series (Unnumbered).)
by Jennifer A. Hurley

246. Islam 101 : Principles and Practice :
by Arshad Khan

247. Islam 101: Ultimate Guide to Understanding Islam
by Javed Mohammed

248. Islam : A Guide for Jews and Christians
by F. E. Peters

249. Islam : Origin and Belief
by Emory C. Bogle

250. Islam : Religion, History, and Civilization
by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

251. Islam and Christian Theology
by James Windrow Sweetman

252. Islam and Christian Theology: A Study of the Interpretation of Theological Ideas in the Two Religions
by James Windrow Sweetman

253. Islam and Democracy
by John L. Esposito, John Obert Voll, Voll Esposito

254. Islam and Democracy in the Middle East (Journal of Democracy Book)
by Larry Jay Diamond, Marc F. Plattner, Daniel Brumberg

255. Islam and Democracy: State-Society Relations in Developing Countries, 1980-1994 (Comparative Studies of Democratization)
by Ali Reza Abootalebi

256. Islam and Democracy: The Failure of Dialogue in Algeria
by Frederic Volpi

257. Islam and Ecology : A Bestowed Trust
by Richard Foltz, Frederick Mathewson Denny, Azizan Haji Baharuddin, etc.

258. Islam and Feminisms: An Iranian Case-Study
by Haleh Afshar

259. Islam and Gender
by Ziba Mir-Hosseini

260. Islam and Its Holy Prophet As Judged by the Non-Muslim World
by Nur Ahmed, Mohiuddin Anwar, K. M. A. Rob

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