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Hajj & Umrah From A to Z

by Mamdouh N. Mohamed

Buy the book: Mamdouh N. Mohamed. Hajj & Umrah From A to Z

Release Date: 01 January, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Mamdouh N. Mohamed. Hajj & Umrah From A to Z

A Must Read Book Before Hajj

I made Hajj with my husband in March/April of last year - 1998. I read this book and it is excellent. It has all the information needed to successfully complete your Hajj. I do recommend it specially to all Non -Arabic speaking and American born pilgrims who are planning to perform Hajj. I actually ordered 4 copies to give as a gift to my friends who are planning to go to Hajj this year.

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A must on the Hajj packing List.

I made Hajj with my family in March/April of this year(1998). My uncle gave us a copy of this book and on the plane ride to Saudi Arabia I begin reading. As I looked around at the other members of our group about five other people were reading the same book. This book was excellent. It gives the pilgrim-specifically the American born, English speaking pilgrim all the necessary information for completing a successful Hajj. The book is written in a user friendly, comprehensive style that is accessible to all readers. The sources and references are universally acceptable and I urge all those who are interested in making Hajj or learning about Hajj to get this book.

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