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181. Hajj & Umrah From A to Z
by Mamdouh N. Mohamed

182. Hajj: Reflection on Its Rituals
by Ali Shariati, Ali Shariatia, Laleh Bakhtiar, etc.

183. Halal Food Production
by Mian N. Riaz, Muhammad M. Chaudry

184. Hamid Al-Din Al-Kirmani: Ismaili Thought in the Age of Al-Hakim
by Paul E. Walker

185. Harun Al-Rashid and the Age of a Thousand and One Nights
by Andre Clot, John Howe

186. Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism
by Dore Gold

187. He Came to Teach You Your Religion: The Hadith of the Angel Gabriel Explaining the Foundations of Islam, Imaan and Ihsaan
by Jamaal Al-Din M. Zarabozo

188. Health and Medicine in the Islamic Tradition: Change and Identity (Health/Medicine and the Faith Traditions)
by Fazlur Rahman, Martin E. Marty

189. Health Concerns for Believers: Contemporary Issues
by Shahid Athar

190. Hermeneutics and Honor: Negotiating Female "Public" Space in Islamic/ate Societies
by Asma Afsaruddin, Anan Ameri

191. Hezbollah : The Changing Face of Terrorism
by Judith Palmer Harik

192. Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World,
by Ahmad S. Moussalli, Amhad Moussalli

193. Historical Dictionary of Prophets in Islam and Judaism (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies, and Movements, 43)
by Scott B. Noegel, Brannon M. Wheeler, Scott B. Noegel, etc.

194. History and Doctrines of the Babi Movement
by Muhammad Ali, Maulana Muhammad Ali

195. History of Islamic Philosophy (Routledge History of World Philosophies)
by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Oliver Leaman

196. History of Messianic Speculation in Israel 1927
by Abba Hillel Silver

197. History of the Nation of Islam
by Elijah Muhammad, Elijah

198. Holy Terrors: Thinking About Religion After September 11
by Bruce Lincoln

199. Holy War: Why Do Some Muslims Become Fundamentalists?
by Bill Musk

200. Holy Warriors
by Frog Orr-Ewing, Amy Orr-Ewing

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