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141. Essays on Islam and Indian History
by Richard M. Eaton

142. Essence of the Quran: Commentary and Interpretation of Surah Al-Fatihah
by Abdul Basit

143. Eternal Garden: Mysticism, History, and Politics at a South Asian Sufi Center
by Carl W. Ernst, Annemarie Schimmel

144. Etiquettes of Life in Islam
by Yusef Islahi Muhammed, Riaz Husain, Muhammed Y. Islahi

145. Eunuchs and Sacred Boundaries in Islamic Society (Studies in Middle Eastern History)
by Shaun Elizabeth Marmon

146. Europe and the Mystique of Islam
by Maxime Rodinson, Roger Veinus

147. Even Angels Ask: A Journey to Islam in America
by Jeffrey Lang

148. Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East: Second Edition
by Donna Lee Bowen, Evelyn A. Early

149. Exegesis As Polemical Discourse: Ibn Hazm on Jewish and Christian Scriptures (Religions, No. 2.)
by Theodore Pulcini

150. Extreme Islam: Anti-American Propaganda of Muslim Fundamentalism
by Adam Parfrey

151. Fabulous Females and Peerless Pirs: Tales of Mad Adventure in Old Bengal
by Tony K. Stewart

152. Face to Face With Political Islam
by Francois Burgat

153. Faithlines: Muslim Conceptions of Islam and Society
by Riaz Hassan

154. Familiar Strangers: A History of Muslims in Northwest China (Studies on Ethnic Groups in China)
by Jonathan N. Lipman

155. Fast Facts on Islam
by John Ankerberg, John Weldon

156. Feminism and Islamic Fundamentalism: The Limits of Postmodern Analysis
by Haideh Moghissi, Hiadeh Moghissi

157. Figh Made Easy
by Saalih Ghaanim Al-Sadlaan, Jamaal Al-Din M. Zarabozo, Dr. Saalih Al-Sadlaan, etc.

158. Finding Fran
by Lois W. Banner

159. Following Muhammad: Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World
by Carl W. Ernst

160. Forbidding Wrong in Islam : An Introduction
by Michael Cook, Patricia Crone

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