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101. Christianity and Islam: The Son and the Moon
by Curt Fletemier

102. Christianity, Islam and Orientalism
by Faruk Zein

103. Civil Society in the Muslim World: Contemporary Perspectives
by Amyn Sajoo

104. Combat with the Self
by Al-Hurr al-`Amuli

105. Coming to Islam : A Muslim Anthology, Volume I
by Amat'al-Quddus, Majida, Compiled by Majida Amat'al-Quddus

106. Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought
by Michael Cook

107. Competing Visions of Islam in the United States : A Study of Los Angeles
by Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

108. Concise Encyclopedia of Islam
by H. A. R. Gibb, J. H. Kramers

109. Conference of the Books
by Khaled M. Abou El Fadl

110. Congregational Prayer
by Saalim Ibn Ghaanim Al-Sadlaan, Abu Rumaysah, Saalih Ghaanim Al-Sadlaan, etc.

111. Conquering Islam and Its Militants With Pen
by Yahya Bin Shamoon, Yahya Bin Shamoon

112. Contemporary Debates in Islam: An Anthology of Modernist and Fundamentalist Thought
by Mansoor Moaddel, Kamran Talattof

113. Controlling Knowledge: Religion, Power, and Schooling in a West African
by Louis Brenner

114. Converting Persia : Religion and Power in the Safavid Empire
by Rula Jurdi Abisaab

115. Coran, El - Pocket
by Varios

116. Criminal Justice in Islam: Judicial Procedure in the Shari'A
by Adel Omar Sherif, Kate Daniels, M. Abdel Haleem, etc.

117. Cross and Crescent: Responding to the Challenge of Islam
by Colin Gilbert Chapman

118. Cultural Diversity and Islam
by Abdul Aziz Said, Meena Sharify-Funk

119. Cultural Schizophrenia: Islamic Societies Confronting the West (Modern Intellectual and Political History of the Middle East)
by Darius Shayegan, John Howe, Daryush Shayegan

120. Culture and Memory in Medieval Islam
by Farhad Daftary, Josef W. Meri

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