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21. A Heart Turned East: Among the Muslims of Europe and America
by Adam Lebor

22. A History of Christian-Muslim Relations
by Hugh Goddard

23. A History of Islamic Philosophy
by Majid Fakhry

24. A History of Medieval Islam
by J. J. Saunders, J. J. Sanders

25. A History of the Maghrib in the Islamic Period
by Jamil M. Abun-Nasr

26. A Learned Society in a Period of Transition: The Sunni "Ulama" of Eleventh Century Baghdad
by Daphna Ephrat

27. A Manual of Hadith
by Muhammad Ali, Maulana Muhammad Ali, Maulana Myhammad

28. A Matter of Fate: The Concept of Fate in the Arab World As Reflected in Modern Arabic Literature
by Dalya Cohen-Mor

29. A Modern History of the Islamic World
by Reinhard Schulze

30. A Muslim Primer: Beginner's Guide to Islam
by Ira G., Jr. Zepp, Ira G. Zepp Jr.

31. A New Introduction to Islam
by Daniel W. Brown

32. A Question of Faith for Muslim Inmates
by Aminah McCloud, Frederick Thaufeer Al Deen, Frederick T. Amina Mccloud, etc.

33. A Reader on Classical Islam
by F. E. Peters

34. A Report on Muslim Population in the U. S. A.
by Ilyas Ba-Yunus, M. Moin Siddiqui, Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus, etc.

35. A Shared World
by Molly Greene

36. A Short History of Islam
by Sayyid Fayyaz Mahmud

37. Abu Ya'qub Al-Sijistani : Intellectual Missionary
by Paul E. Walker

38. African American Islam
by Aminah Beverly McCloud

39. African Muslims in Antebellum America: Transatlantic Stories and Spiritual Struggles
by Allan D. Austin

40. Against Islamic Extremism: The Writings of Muhammad Sa'Id Al-'Ashmawy
by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

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