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A Christian's Response to Islam

by William M. Miller

Buy the book: William M. Miller. A Christian's Response to Islam

Release Date: January, 1980

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: William M. Miller. A Christian's Response to Islam

An Excellent Brief by Someone who was There

I found this rather small text to be very big on insights. Having read a number of other texts on Islam (which were more academic), I found this particular brief to be rather refreshing. Written by a missionary who spent 43 years ministering to the Muslim people of Iran, it comes across with a genuine love and respect which only a person who actually lived amongst the Muslim people of Iran, could convey. It is absolutely NOT vindictive. Nor is it in the slightest disrespectful to the Islamic faith. It IS however, honest and forthright. The author is often times found sharing his personal experiences. These include conversations with his Muslim neighbors and aquaintances (some of whom converted to Christianity, some of whom did not), which was very insightful. For it was through these talks (many of which were initiated by his Muslim friends) that he alerts us to the confusion which too often exists amongst Islamic people about true, Biblical Christianity. A small book -- a small price to pay for some very GOOD information.

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A balanced view

Knowing and liking this book, I was sad to hear the two earlier reviews from Muslims, which were very anti- this Christian book. No Muslim of course will be able to accept this book, neither will the Christian author agree with the religious views of the two reviewers.

Despite many similarities, Christianity and Islam are not compatible. It is unfashionable to stand up and say "My God is the only true God". But both religions claim this, and therein lies the incompatibility. And so too, surely a Muslim will never like what is said in this book.

I have lived in a Muslim country and found many Mulsim friends, but have had to disagree with them about our faith. I have never made the mistake of seeing all Muslims as the same, it's sad to see Christians as one indistinguishable mass as do the reviewers.

This book is useful in facing the difficulties of being a Christian where it is against the law to speak out about one's faith to Muslims. But it helps by showing the common points as well as where we differ, and this is where many conversations between the faiths can at least have a measure of agreement.

But it is a Christian book with the aim of teaching the word of God. Only by ignoring his stated purpose could the author hope to win the praise of the reviewers.

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