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121. The Buddhist I Ching: Chih-Hsu Ou-I
by Chih-Hsu Ou-I, Thomas Cleary, Thomas Cleary, etc.

122. The Centered Life: An Introduction to I Ching Book of Changes the Universal Principles of Living and Its Amazing Oracle
by Franklin Yun, Hwa-Wei Lee

123. The Classic of Changes
by Richard John Lynn

124. The Columbia I Ching: Based on the Classic of Changes
by Richard John Lynn, Richard John Lynn

125. The Complete I Ching (Book of Change)
by Tien Cong, Ph.D. Tran, PH. D. Tien Cong Tran

126. The Complete I Ching Kit
by Wu Wei

127. The Complete I Ching: The Definitive Translation by the Taoist Master Alfred Huang
by Alfred Huang

128. The Complete Idiot's Guide to I Ching
by Elizabeth Moran, Joseph Yu

129. The Deisgner's Book of Change
by Carl G. Garant, Carl G. Garant

130. The Designer's Book of Change
by Carl G. Garant

131. The Elemental Changes: The Ancient Chinese Companion to the I Ching (Suny Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
by Hsiung Yang, Michael Nylan, Yang Hsiung, etc.

132. The Elements of the I Ching (Elements of Series)
by Stephen Karcher

133. The Essentials of Yi Jing: Translated, Annotated, and With an Introduction and Notes
by Chung, Ph.D. Wu

134. The Everyday I Ching
by Sarah Dening

135. The Five "Confucian" Classics
by Michael Nylan

136. The Fu Hsi I Ching: The Early Heaven Sequence
by Roy Collins

137. The I Ching
by Wu Wei, Wei Wu

138. The I Ching
by James Legge, James Legge

139. The I Ching (the Book of Changes)
by James Legge

140. The I Ching and Mankind
by Diana Ffarington Hook

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