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21. Executive I Ching: The Business Oracle
by Michael Colmer

22. Fires of Consciousness: The Tao of Onliness I Ching
by Martin Treon

23. From Chronicle to Canon : The Hermeneutics of the Spring and Autumn Annals according to Tung Chung-shu
by Sarah A. Queen, Patrick Hannan, Denis Twitchett

24. Gateways To Identity - Volume 66 : Eranos 1997
by James Donat, Jay Livernois

25. Golf Ching: Golf Guidance and Wisdom from the I Ching
by Terrence MacClure

26. Guide to the I Ching
by Carol K. Anthony, Carol K. Anthony

27. Healing Lines
by Carl Japikse, Robert R. Leichtman

28. How to Use the I Ching: A Guide to Working With the Oracle of Change
by Stephen Karcher

29. I Ching
by Kerson Huang, Rosemary Huang

30. I Ching
by Thomas Cleary

31. I Ching
by Blok. Frits

32. I Ching
by Edward Shaughnessy

33. I Ching & the Genetic Code: The Hidden Key to Life
by Martin Schonberger

34. I Ching (Little Big Book Series)
by Nizan Weisman

35. I Ching (Pocket Prophecy)
by Mary Clarke, Mary Clark

36. I Ching (Teach Yourself)
by Andy Baggott, Andy Baggot

37. I Ching / I Ching
by Valler Curzi

38. I Ching 2004 Calendar
by Amber Lotus Publishing

39. I Ching : A New Interpretation for Modern Times
by Sam Reifler

40. I Ching : Book of Changes
by James Legge

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