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1. 18 Buddha Hands Qigong - A Medical I Ching Exploration
by Larry A. Johnson, David Schanaker

2. A Tale of the I Ching: The Beginning of the Book of Changes
by Wu Wei, Les Boston

3. A Woman's I Ching
by Diane Stein

4. Ageless Counsel for Modern Life: Profound Commentaries on the I Ching by an Achieved Taoist Master
by Hua Ching Ni

5. An Anthology of I Ching
by Sherrill

6. An Illuminated I Ching
by Judy Fox, John Tampion, Karen Hughes

7. Ancient Wisdom For The New Age: I Ching
by Allie Woo, New Holland Ltd

8. BT-Fortune Teller's I C
by Martin Palmer

9. Building with the Breath of Life
by Tom Bender

10. Change: Eight Lectures on the I Ching (Bollingen Series, 62)
by Hellmut Wilhelm, C. F. Baynes

11. Changing Lines: A New Interpretation of the I Ching for Personal and Spiritual Growth
by Robert R. Leichtman, Carl Japikse

12. Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters
by Gia-Fu Feng, Jane English, chuang tsu

13. Connecting Lines: A New Interpretation of the I Ching for Understanding Personal Relationships
by Robert R. Leichtman, Carl Japikse

14. Divination, Order, and the Zhouyi
by Richard Gotshalk

15. DNA and the I Ching: The Tao of Life
by Johnson F. Yan

16. Dragon Flying in the Sky: I Ching Guide to Prosperity and Success in the 21st Century, the Century of the Dragon
by Alfred Huang

17. Dragon Insights: A Simple Approach to the I Ching
by Jillian Lawler

18. East Wind
by Charles Courtney, Jung Young Lee

19. Embracing Change: Postmodern Interpretations of the I Ching from a Christian Perspective
by Jung Young Lee

20. Encyclopedia of Chinese astrology
by Tri Lam

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