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461. Promise of Immortality: The True Teaching of the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita
by J. Donald Walters

462. Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence
by Stephen Knapp

463. Pulsation of Love
by Gurumayl Chidvilasananda

464. Purifying the Earthly Body of God: Religion and Ecology in Hindu India (Suny Series in Religious Studies)
by Lance E. Nelson, Lance E. Neslon

465. Radhasoami Reality
by Mark Juergensmeyer

466. Raja-Vidya: The King of Knowledge
by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

467. Raja-Yoga
by Swami Vivekananda

468. Rama Darshan - The Valmiki Rama Dialogue
by Anantanand Rambachan

469. Rama Gita: The Dialogues of Rama
by Anantanand Rambachan

470. Ramakrishna & Christ, the Supermystics: New Interpretations
by Paul Hourihan

471. Ramana Maharshi and the Path of Self-Knowledge
by Arthur Osborne

472. Ramayana (Audio Literature Presents/Audio Cassette)
by William Buck, Ram Dass, William Buck, etc.

473. Ramayana: A Journey
by Ranchor Prime

474. Ramayana: A Tale of Gods and Demons (Art of Devotion)
by Ranchor Prine, Ranchor Prime, B. G. Sharma

475. Ramayana: India's Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love and Wisdom
by Krishna Dharma, Krishna Dharma, Valmiki Ramayana

476. Rapt in the Name: The Ramnamis, Ramnam, and Untouchable Religion in Central India
by Ramdas Lamb

477. Rasa: Love Relationships in Transcendence
by B. V. Tripurari, Swami B. V. Tripurari

478. Rassa Shastra: Inayat Khan on the Mysteries of Love, Sex and Marriage
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

479. Ravana: Power Without Virtue
by Anantanand Rambachan

480. Rebirth and Karma
by Sa Ashram, Sri Aurobindo

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