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121. Dancing the Self: Parenthood and Performance in the Pandava Lila of Garhwal
by William Sturman Sax

122. Dancing With Siva: Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism
by Subramuniya, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

123. Darsan
by Diana L. Eck

124. Darshan: Sweet Sounds of Surrender
by Rasa, Bae Hyoun

125. Dattatreya the Immortal Guru, Yogi and Avatara: A Study of the Tranformative and Inlusive Character of a Multi-Faceted Hindu Deity (Suny Series in Religious Studies)
by Antonio Rigopoulos

126. Death Beginning or End: Methods for Immortality
by Jonn Mumford, John, Dr Mumford

127. Death in Banaras
by Jonathan P. Parry

128. Destiny and Human Initiative in the Mahabharata
by Julian F. Woods

129. Destiny and Human Initiative in the Mahabharata (McGill Studies in the History of Religions)
by Julian F. Woods

130. Devi (The Mandala Stand-Up Altar Series)
by Kim Waters

131. Devi: Goddesses of India (Comparative Studies in Religion and Society, 7)
by John Stratton Hawley, Donna M. Wulff

132. Devoted to the Goddess: The Life and Work of Ramprasad (Suny Series in Hindu Studies)
by Malcolm McLean

133. Devotee Farm
by George Vaishnava

134. Devotional Literature in South Asia; Current Research, 1985-1988
by R. S. McGregor, Faculty of Oriental Studies, R. S. McGregor, etc.

135. Devotional Passages from the Hindu Bible, 1929
by Dhan Gopal Mukerji

136. Dhammapada
by Thomas Byrom

137. Dharma, 1899
by Annie Besant

138. Dharma: The Way of Transcendence
by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

139. Dharmasutras
by Patrick Olivelle

140. Dhyana (meditation)
by Lotus, M. P. Pandit

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