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21. Agaram Bagaram Baba: Life, Teachings, and Parables: A Spiritual Biography of Baba Prakashananda
by Titus Foster, Gabriel Cousens

22. Aghora II: Kundalini
by Robert E. Svoboda, Robert Beer

23. Am I A Hindu?/the Hinduism Primer
by Ed Viswanathan

24. Amazing Secrets of the Yogi and the Gateway to Prosperity 1937
by Charles F. Hannel, Victor Dane

25. An Incarnation of the Snow
by F. W. Bain

26. An Introduction to Hinduism
by Gavin D. Flood

27. An Introduction to Swaminarayan Hinduism
by Raymond Brady Williams

28. An Introduction to Yoga
by Claude Bragdon

29. Anasaktiyoga: The Gospel of Selfless Action: The Gita According to Gandhi
by Mahadev H. Desai, Jim Rankin, Mohandas Gandhi

30. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Ignorance
by Swami B. V. Tripurari, B. V. Tripurari

31. Annapurna
by Satyananda Saraswati, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Vittalananda Saraswati, etc.

32. Annotations on the Sacred Writings of the Hindus
by Sellon. Edward, Edward Sellon

33. Applications of yogini dasha for brilliant predictions
by Rajeev Jhanji

34. Archetype Design: House As a Vehicle for Spirit
by Vishu Magee, David Doyle

35. Are All Religions One? (Set of 5)
by Douglas Groothuis

36. Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God: Retracing the Ramayana Through India
by Jonah Blank

37. Art of Sadhana: A Guide to Daily Devotion
by Swami B. P. Puri Maharaja, Bhakti Promode Puri Maharaja

38. Aryans, Jews, Brahmins: Theorizing Authority Through Myths of Identity (Suny Series, the Margins of Literature)
by Dorothy Matilda Figueira

39. Ashes of Immortality: Widow-Burning in India
by Catherine Winberger-Thomas, Catherine Weinberger-Thomas, Jeffrey Mehlman, etc.

40. At the Feet of the Goddess: The Divine Feminine in Local Hindu Religion
by Lynn Foulston

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