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A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to Planet Earth : Learning to Love Again

by David Cooper

Buy the book: David Cooper. A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to Planet Earth : Learning to Love Again

Release Date: 01 February, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: David Cooper. A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to Planet Earth : Learning to Love Again

A Spiritual Blessing For All

In this one beautifully written book, David Cooper wraps up many spiritual paths into the common denominator of Love. This book is, in fact the guide it says it is. Peace with yourself, peace with others and a delightful understanding of the world around us are brought together in a homogeneous spirituality that does not conflict with any other path yet provides you a grounded platform filled with love and blessings. This book is at least as powerful as James Redfield's "Celestien Prophecy" and "Insight" series. Without the mystical stories but in beautiful and touching prose, David shows us teachings that are common to virtually all the religions and how we can find the common thread that unites us all. In a clear and concise fashion where each idea is tightly explained, we are shown the way... Thank you David!

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Spiritual Surgery, the Magic of a Head Bypass

This book is for everyone who chooses to awaken to the TRUTH of "the who, what and why" humans incarnate on Planet Earth. The writing is in "everyman's" language, written from the heart of the author.

David Cooper shares his life experiences in a profound manner. He takes the reader on a journey with him, as he moves from the painfilled experiences of head/ego thoughts and reactions, to the blissed-filled experiences of heart/spirit feelings and actions.

The unconditional love energy imbued in each section of this book touched me at a cellular level awakening feelings in me and changing my awareness of who, what, and why I am. I began to feel rather than think. I felt opened to humility, and knew I needed help with these new feelings. Therefore I sent out an SOS in the form of an email to David Cooper. His Unconditional Love is a healing balm that has taken me from drowning in my ego, to living, loving, and playing in my heart. My major awakening is summed up in one line from the book. "Our outer universe is a reflection of our inner universe." When I took a look at myself from this perspective I knew my time had come for my heart to lead me ...in all things and in all ways.

If you would like to by-pass you head, (and avoid ever having a heart by-pass,) read this book!!! I discovered I had the only gift worth having...GOD'S LOVE IN MY HEART, and I no longer had to look outside myself to be complete.

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