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861. The Way of Water and Sprouts of Virtue
by Sarah Allan

862. The Wisdom of Ancient Greece (Wisdom Of Series)
by Jacques Lacarriere, John O'Toole

863. The Wisdom of Ancient Rome (Wisdom Of Series)
by Benoit Desombres

864. The Wisdom of Aristotle (Suny Series in Ancient Greek Philosophy (Cloth))
by Carlo Natali, Gerald Parks

865. The Works of Archimedes: Volume 1, The Two Books On the Sphere and the Cylinder : Translation and Commentary
by Archimedes, Reviel Netz

866. The World of Thought in Ancient China
by Benjamin Isadore Schwartz

867. The Worlds of Plato and Aristotle
by J. B. Wilbur, H. J. Allen, Harold J. Allen

868. The Worlds of the Early Greek Philosophers
by J. B. Wilbur, H. J. Allen

869. The Yin of Tai-Chi: Tao, Tai-Chi & The Mysterious Female
by John Lash

870. Theaetetus (Clarendon Plato Series)
by Plato, John McDowell

871. Thebes
by Giorgio A. Livraga

872. Theophrastus Against the Presocratics and Plato: Peripatetic Dialectic in the De Sensibus (Philosophia Antiqua, V. 86)
by Han Baltussen

873. Therapeia: Plato's Conception of Philosophy
by Robert Earl Cushman, Michael Henry

874. Theurgia or the Egyptian Mysteries (1911)
by Iamblichos, Alexander Wilder, Alexander Trans Iamblichos Wilder

875. Theurgy and the Soul: The Neoplatonism of Iamblichus
by Gregory Shaw

876. Theurgy, or the Hermetic Practice: A Treatise on Spiritual Alchemy
by Langford E. J. Garstin, E. J. Langford Garstin, Edward Dunning

by G. R. S. Mead

878. Timaeus
by Plato, Donald J. Zeyl

879. Timaeus and Critias (Penguin Classics)
by Plato, H.D. Lee

880. Topics in Stoic Philosophy
by Katerina Ierodiakonou, Katerina Ierodiako-Nou

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