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761. The Ethics of the Stoic Epictetus: An English Translation
by Adolf Friedrich Bonhoffer, William O. Stephens

762. The Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Phaedo: Apology ; Crito ; Phaedo (Great Books in Philosophy)
by Plato, Plato Apology, Plato Crito, etc.

763. The Fabric of Character: Aristotle's Theory of Virtue
by Nancy Sherman

764. The First Philosophers: The Presocratics and Sophists (Oxford World's Classics)
by Robin Waterfield

765. The Golden Verses of Pythagoras
by Fabre D'Olivet, Nayan Louis Redfield

766. The Gorgias of Plato
by Plato, W. H. Thompson

767. The Great Sophists in Periclean Athens
by Jacqueline De Romilly, Janet Lloyd, Jacqueline De Romilly

768. The Greek Sophists
by John Dillon, Tania Gergel

769. The Greeks on Pleasure
by J. C. B. Gosling, Nalda Gosling, C. Cw Taylor

770. The Heirs of Plato: A Study of the Old Academy (347-274 Bc)
by John M. Dillon

771. The Hellenistic Philosophers, Volume 2: Greek and Latin Texts with Notes and Bibliography
by A. A. Long, D. N. Sedley

772. The Hellenistic Philosophers: Volume 1, Translations of the Principal Sources with Philosophical Commentary
by A. A. Long, D. N. Sedley

773. The History of Philosophy in Colonial Mexico
by Mauricio Beuchot, Elizabeth Millan, Elizabeth Mill

774. The Illustrated Egyptian Book of the Dead
by Ramses Seleem

775. The Impact of Aristotelianism on Modern Philosophy (Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy Series, Vol 39)
by Riccardo Pozzo, Guy P. C. Thomson

776. The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
by Michael Chase, Pierre Hadot

777. The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece
by Three Initiates, Three Initiates

778. The Last Days of Socrates
by Plato, Hugh Tredennick, Harold Tarrant

779. The Laws
by Plato, Trevor J. Saunders

780. The Legacy of Parmenides
by Patricia Curd

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