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Remembering Heraclitus

by Richard G. Geldard

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Release Date: 01 October, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Richard G. Geldard. Remembering Heraclitus


....someone has given some long overdue credit to this brilliant pre-socratic philosopher.
Geldard has done a good job articulating and intelligently interpreting Heraclitus though, mildly clouded by his personal understanding and experiences.
In any case this is one of the best attempts to explain a very difficult and often confusing subject matter. The suggested readings at the back of the book were particularly helpful to me.

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_Remembering Heraclitus_ is an exposition of the philosophy of Heraclitus as revealed to us in the few fragments of his that have been preserved. The book is quite profound and asks us questions that concern the very nature of man and his universe. The author describes Heraclitus as a thinker who rejected life in the political sphere for a life removed from the Greek polis where he could engage in speculation and his own researches into the process in all things. Central to his thought is the idea of Logos. This has influenced the thought of many future generations, as well as the Christian religion. By achieving contact with the Logos, man can achieve a more harmonious existence. Heraclitus can be understood using the concept of apophasis, or "affirmation through negation". This is a way of telling us what something is, by telling us what it is not. The author explains how this works for Heraclitus in much detail. The author also discusses such terms as physis (nature), ethos (human nature), and telos (purpose) and how they all play an essential role in the thinking of Heraclitus. He also discusses how Heraclitus' thinking is applicable to the modern day understanding of consciousness, modern day physics, society, and the historical understanding of the development of philosophy. Finally, the author discusses how one should view the notion of esotericism, esoteric thought, and whether we should reject, or alternatively, idolize the past. Heraclitus is indeed a fascinating figure, a philosopher, an alchemist, a teacher, and a profound thinker who has left his mark on Western civilization (and is even popular among some Eastern philosophers). And, this book is a fine survey of the meaning of his thought.

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