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Plato: Apology

by Plato, James J. Helm

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Release Date: March, 1997

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Plato. Plato: Apology

The Purple Plato

The main body of this book is organized similarly Pharr's justly famous "Purple Vergil": each two page spread has 12-25 lines of Greek in the upper left, with the rest of the spread full of line-by-line notes covering difficult constructions, slang, vocabulary and context. This makes Plato wonderfully accessible with a minimum of flipping pages back and forth.

The book's three appendices are (I) a series of sentence diagrams useful for understanding difficult sentences in the text and also as models for learning, (II) an alphabetical chart of verb principal parts and (III) a list of words appearing in the Apology by frequence of their appearance. Finally, a vocabulary of all words appearing at list twice fills in the back of the book (the vocabulary, incidentally, is keyed to the _Athenaze_ textbooks, which I suppose would be a useful feature if you used those books).

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Easy and Effective

I "learned" Greek on a text that used much of the same vocabulary that shows up in Plato's Apology of Socrates (the JACT text), and frankly, it was a nightmare.

However, if one learns Attic greek using 'fake' Greek (as it should be done) and then turns to Plato as the first "real" Greek--get THIS text. The commentary is fantastic, the lexicon great, the notes very helpful. Between this text and a translation, in fact, I would think most intermediate Greek students would be able to read it without any outside help.

Great commentary.

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