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Plato's Laws: The Discovery of Being

by Seth Benardete

Buy the book: Seth Benardete. Plato's Laws: The Discovery of Being

Release Date: January, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Seth Benardete. Plato's Laws: The Discovery of Being

Complex but worth the effort

The hardback coverleaf tells us that Plato's Laws was his "longest, and one of his most difficult".
It is the same with this work. It is clear from the opening pages that the author is writing from a position of immense knowledge on the subject matter and what is essentially a critical reading of Plato is, in itself, almost as intellectual. It is a book that requires every single line to be read and even re-read to understand what is being intimated. The opening chapter on the Eidetic and the Genetic draws on the conversation between Clinias Megillus and an unknown Athenian.. Where it immediately becomes difficult is in comprehending the smenatics behind the author's statement that if Plato's Laws is a prelude to laws then the first three books are a prelude to the laws of Magnesia and the Athenian's initial proposal is a prelude to the prelude that is Plato's Laws. You see how precise the language becomes and how clarity of meaning is essential to undestand the book as a whole, as it continues in the same vein.
The author has produced a work of astonishing intellectual depth and, as such, it is clearly intended for the classical philosophical student of Plato. It is a book that will become a reference text, for to read it in one go would invariably mean losing the true meaning of the critical work, in the same way you shouldn't attempt to read the Laws in one sitting. Highly recommended for any Platonist.

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