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Philosophy Before Socrates: An Introduction With Text and Commentary

by Richard D. McKirahan

Buy the book: Richard D. McKirahan. Philosophy Before Socrates: An Introduction With Text and Commentary

Release Date: March, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Richard D. McKirahan. Philosophy Before Socrates: An Introduction With Text and Commentary

Heavy Reading, Great Reference

This book is not one that I would recommend for free reading, unless you have a strange affinity for ancient presocratic philosophy. However, as a reference book, or a book for learning philosophy, the book ranks among the best. I was introduced to this book in my Philosophy course at UCLA, and this book was an excellent learning tool. The author sets out translated fragments from ancient philosophers and writers, like Parmenides, Aristotle, and Plato. Then, McKirahan does an excellent job of analyzing and explaining the fragments. The book is set up well; it is interesting and makes an EXCELLENT reference book.

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Phil. Before. Soc : Critique

(1)Excellent organization of important fragments and texts of the Pre Socratic Philosophy. Very useful indeed.(2)Keep as source book for tight analytical study of arguments. Well segmented and sub-headed. (3)Major convenient ref. book. The only one to have, I guess, in pocketbook. Well documented and quoted. No or little Greek. (Translated when necessary) (4)But author needs to write with more maturity,fluidity ( Really terse prose spoil the mood). Naturally, this can be rectified by reading large doses of Gibbon's Dec. & Fall. (with a good wine vector.) (5)The author must realize that he now has the intelligence to cast a shadow of his own.(6) A delicious book, well worth the expense. However, I recommend supplimenting his book with a photo copy of the schematic and simplified diagram in W.T Jones's History of Phil. Buy it. Not for absolute beginners.But this is to a philosophers advantage.

-Opinions are like noses. Everyone has got one. I use this book often, & useful when reading The Republic ( Books 4 & 5 )

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