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On the Nature of the Universe (Penguin Classics)

by Lucretius, R.E. Latham, John Godwin, etc.

Buy the book: Lucretius. On the Nature of the Universe (Penguin Classics)

Release Date: December, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Lucretius. On the Nature of the Universe (Penguin Classics)

Very interesting, very well written and translated.

Lucretius' work "On the Nature of the Universe" is surely one of the seminal works in the history of science. His analysis (some of which was deductive, some inductive) anticipated modern scientific theories by about 1800 years. His statement of what became the First and Second laws of Thermodynamics, his anticipation of the Cosmological Principle, along with some of the Laws of Motion (if I remember correctly), are absolutely astounding. It just goes to show that people living 2000 years ago were just as observant and intelligible as people are today (if not more so). On top of the science that is contained in the work, the fact that it was originally composed in poetic form makes it even more praiseworthy. Furthermore, the prose translation is outstanding. I've never read a translation of an ancient philosophical work that was as easy to read as this one was. Being a Christian, I cannot accept his atheistic presuppositions, but I can certainly appreciate his work as being vital to the development of philosophy. He certainly raised some very interesting and important questions that people have struggled to answer and come to grips with since Lucretius' time. I would recommend this book to anybody with an interest in philosophy and science.

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On the nature of the universe

At first glance, one might be put off or stunned by such a 'taboo' title for a book. I was intruiged. A friend's older brother had suggested I read it, and the next day I bought it at our local [bookstore]. I read it cover to cover the moment I opened the first page. I don't know quite what I had expected, mabye porn, but this book could never be catagorized with pornography. It is a tribute to a woman's body, soul, and her sexuality. The Vagina Monologues will take you through the pains of womanhood (menstruation, rejection, not being able to locate one's clittoris), to the beauty of finding love, knowing your body, and the incredible feat of giving birth. It is a beautiful collection of monologues that will remove the stigma woman, and all her glorious parts, have held for so long. This play is performed all over the United States to raise awareness of violence against women. I attended a performance of this play at the University in my town and was blown away. The woman who had organized the whole V-Day festivities at A&M came onstage after the last monologue and asked any member of the audience who had experienced sexual abuse, or knew a woman who had been abused to stand up. Over a hundered out of the hundered and fifty audience members stood. She told us that this is why she had organized a performance of this play and that she will continue to perform this play until every member of the audience is seated. That is what this book is about. Women are a celebration.

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