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401. On Augustine
by Sharon M. Kaye, Paul Thomson, Paul Thomson

402. On Plato
by John Peterman

403. On Plato's Statesman (Meridian (Stanford, Calif.).)
by Cornelius Castoriadis, David Ames Curtis

404. On Socrates
by Hope May

405. On the Eternity of the World (de Aeternitate Mundi)
by Proclus, Helen S. Lang, A. D. Macro, etc.

406. On the Existence of Evils (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle)
by Proclus, Jan Opsomer, Carlos Steel

407. On the Good Life (Penguin Classics)
by Marcus Tullius Cicero, Michael Grant

408. On the Heavens (Loeb Classical Library: Greek Authors, 338Aristotele)
by Harvard University, W. K. C. Guthrie, Aristotle

409. On the Nature of the Universe (Penguin Classics)
by Lucretius, R.E. Latham, John Godwin, etc.

410. On the Nature of Things (Great Books in Philosophy)
by Titus Lucretius Carus, John Selby Waston, John Selby Watson

411. On the Nature of Things: De Rerum Natura
by Lucretius, Anthony M. Esolen, Translator, etc.

412. On the Socratic Education
by Christopher Bruell

413. Ontology and the Art of Tragedy: An Approach to Aristotle's Poetics (Suny Series in Ancient Greek Philosophy (Paper))
by Martha Husain

414. Open Society and Its Enemies (Volume 1)
by Karl Raimund Popper

415. Opera Omnia Expedito Cyri
by Xenophon, E. C. Marchant

416. Opera, Vol. 2: Enneades 4-5
by Plotinus, H. R. Schwyzer, Paul Henry

417. Order and History: Plato and Aristotle (Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, Vol 16)
by Eric Voegelin, Dante Germino

418. Order in Multiplicity: Homonymy in the Philosophy of Aristotle
by Christopher John Shields

419. Oresteia (Hackett Publishing)
by Aeschylus, Peter Meineck, Helene P. Foley

420. Origins of Greek Thought
by Jean-Pierre Vernant

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