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Love's Knowledge: Essays on Philosophy and Literature

by Martha Craven Nussbaum

Buy the book: Martha Craven Nussbaum. Love's Knowledge: Essays on Philosophy and Literature

Release Date: February, 1992

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Martha Craven Nussbaum. Love's Knowledge: Essays on Philosophy and Literature

Taking stories seriously

A collection of essays all of which present us with possibilities -- stories as moral teachers. We all learn from, care about, and revel in the stories that we read. Nussbaum takes seriously our ability to approach fiction with care and convincingly argues that we can extend this mode of being as ethical. If we approached the world with the care and attention we do characters in a book, we would be excercising a instinctively human morality. Beautifully written -- it can change your outlook on how we should see ourselves and the world.

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Almost unintelligible

A previous review says that this book is about the "human heart trying to understand itself", but I found it daunting for my human heart to understand this book. I was assigned this text book in college, and I suspect in that in academia there is a "Emperor Has No Clothes" phenomenon, where people are averse to criticising badly written books for fear of appearing intellectually deficient. While I do not doubt Ms. Nussbaum's intellectual capabilities, she needs to adopt a more clear writing style.

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