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Lysias (Loeb Classical Library, Vol 244)

by Lysias, W.R.M. Lamb

Buy the book: Lysias. Lysias (Loeb Classical Library, Vol 244)

Release Date: December, 1989

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Lysias. Lysias (Loeb Classical Library, Vol 244)

Truly Magnificent

This is truly a masterly piece of work. At last the speeches of Lysias have been given the attention they have been long over due. The author has successfully produced a modern translation of the extant works of this great Greek logographer. Lucid and insightful this work is easily accessible for those with a general interest in Ancient History, as well as both A-Level Ancient Historians and undergraduate level students who possess no or limited knowledge of the ancient Greek language.

The author's most notable achievement is that of the quality of the translation. Textual emendations and inferred passages are clearly provided, as are the alternate readings and meanings of the Greek text. However, the erudition of both author and book are clearly evident. Each speech is preceded by a detailed introduction outlining important events referred to within the text as well as political ties and historical events that often form the background to the case in question. This often-invaluable introduction is used to highlight effectively the subtleties of the cases but it can be undisputed to state that the true appeal of the book is in its majestic grasp of language. The obvious skill of the author lies in his ability to capture the true atmosphere of the speeches whilst at the same time providing a clear and lucid translation.

Whether you possess a general interest in the ancient world or are a student in Classics or Ancient History is irrelevant - academic works simply do not come any better than this! A must for all bookcases!

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