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Greek Thought: A Guide to Classical Knowledge (Harvard University Press Reference Library)

by Jacques Brunschwig, G. E. R. Lloyd, Pierre Pellegrin

Buy the book: Jacques Brunschwig. Greek Thought: A Guide to Classical Knowledge (Harvard University Press Reference Library)

Release Date: December, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Jacques Brunschwig. Greek Thought: A Guide to Classical Knowledge (Harvard University Press Reference Library)

Magnificent !!!

Me as a great lover of Ancient Greek culture & history, I really liked reading this book. When I took it from the shelf in a bookstore in Amsterdam I was with my classmate, when he saw what I had in my hands, the first thing he said was "I guess you just founded your dreambook" And my dreambook it surely was.

On first hand I though that the book would be about the Greek philosophy, but that was a very misplaces thought. In fact the book is so much more wider of scale. It will take everything into the research and tries to explain the Greek thinking not only from of a philopsopcal side (although there is a bog part on that to) but more from of the general idea thoughts. It will tell you what Greek thought about a huge scale of things and topics.

So when you want to get into the mind of an Ancient Greek, and who doesn't !!! (remember that was The reason for Socrates to die, since he was looing forward to meet Hesiod & Homer) Then surely this is your book.

So be a good person and take Machiavelli's advise that a firm knowlegde of our (and then I speak of us Europeans) own Classical inheritage is absolutely crucial in life for true and read this book.

From Amazon.com

very good

this book is invaluable.
I suggest it to people with no BS in classical studies but with the will to educate themselves.

Greek thought is the cornerstone of the western culture. It is so to speak the 'point of genesis'. Every educated person needs today (irespective of his profession) to have a ground in psychology and sociology in order for him to be an adequate
citizen. Studying this book helps very much in this respect.What the Greeks thought about psyche and society are indespensable today. In fact in clear oposition to the alternative religious
views of these things (jewish, Christian, Mouslim) the Greek
way offers rational answers to the central questions what is psyche and what is society.

This book is a very good *introduction* to greek thought:
treats every contribution to science (all in special
chapters), schools of thought (very thoroughly) and the last part (perhaps the best) is a kind of dictionary which comments
extensively (10-30 pgs) on individual personalities; the chapter
on cynicism is very nice and practically every thought current is covered. I regret that there is no chapter on Demosthenes
(too strange for such a big book).

In opposition to other books this one covers **all** greek thought from -800 to +500 (already inside Byzantine Greek thought); however it covers **only** non-christian Greek thought.

The binding is *excellent*. One complaint though about the paper quality; but this sound as details to a fantastic picture;

buy it and learn; study it and be educated; think about its content and you will become better men!

From Amazon.com

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