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De Anima

by Aristotle, Sir David Ross, W. David Ross

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Release Date: December, 1956

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Aristotle. De Anima

Aristotle's De Anima

This version of Aristotle's De Anima is the criticial edition by W.D. Ross. It does not contain an English translation nor does it contain Ross's commentary on the text, which is available in a larger edition. Nonetheless, it contains all the critical notes concerning textual differences of the manuscripts used by Ross. This text will be beneficial for anyone interested in working through Aristotle's De Anima in the original Greek, whether you are a serious student of Greek or of philosophy. Finally, this edition has a handy index to help you locate where Aristotle uses many of the Greek words in the text.

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One cannot foresee the future without consulting the past.

How will Virtual Reality and other new technology change you, the way that you feel, and the way that you react to your surroundings? One cannot even begin to answer this important question without first reading De Anima. This masterpiece reflects on the five senses, their relation to each other, and their relation to the 'common sense' (soul) that binds them. De Anima is a valuable insight into the fundamental mechanism that governs the way that we learn, act, and live. New technology is a sword that cuts both ways. Will we become inactive, lose our passion or even our humanity? Written centuries ago, this book will not give you any answers on a platter nor will the word Virtual Reality even be mentioned. This book is, however, filled with timeless wisdom that has survived the ages. De Anima will prove to be an indispensible tool for those who have a sincere desire to study the way that new technology is changing our senses and how these changes may affect the future of our noble race.

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